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Some couples are quickly blessed with a child soon after they try to get pregnant. Many others, though, know the heartache of trying for months or years. This site is directed to all those who could use help getting pregnant.  The best tips on getting pregnant are listed here, and we're always growing.


This site is intended for everyone who plans on becoming a parent, whether you've been trying for awhile or if you are looking to conceive in the near future and want to have the best chances of succeeding quickly.

We believe that a well-rounded approach is the best one to take for help getting pregnant. Since fertility treatment is so expensive, it should be a last resort. First, we encourage you to explore lifestyle issues, including diet, herbs, your personal rhythm, and acupuncture.


In addition to lifestyle, other things might reduce your fertility, such as a thyroid problem.


I am not a doctor and am not offering medical advice. Please talk to your health care provider, especially if you have any illnesses or issues that could lead to pregnancy complications. I simply want to share knowledge and provide whatever support and help for getting pregnant that I can.

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